Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We are all simply exhausted. I had a great time in Missouri at the Gateway Nationals. Maybe too good of a time. I entered Magic in every performance event at least once. Magic worked his butt off for me and I couldn't be prouder of my little guy. Peace didn't get to do as much but was also a very good girl. I guess I can honestly say she is the winningest Cardigan in conformation ever at the Gateway Nationals, since she was the only one who competed!
  On Friday we had the first weight pull, for Magic 2nd place and 15 points, his first coursing attempt, Q, and Peace also Q'd at the pull with a 5 point pull. Peace also was entered in 3 conformation events, but we only were able to make 2.
   Saturday was the busiest. Peace again had 2 conformation shows, and she gave lure coursing a try.  Although she seemed interested when other dogs ran, she wasnt willing to run alone, so no Q.  Magic though was busy, we Q'd both AG1 runs, with a 199 and a 190, but had some trouble with the crawl tunnel and NQd both AG2s. Rally was 2 runs, with a 96 tied for first place but lost on time, and an NQ. It was late in the day near 7 PM and I apparently forgot what left means. His lure coursing run was great, another Q, but the dock diving we tried was not so good.  He was a little too nervous to jump in the pool.  I wasnt sure what he would do, he has only done it in a pond and the gorgeous pool set up at Purina was just to scary for the little guy.
   Sunday gave Peace and I another 2 conformation shows, and Magic again pulled.  This time although he earned another 2nd, it was only a 10 point pull, but that was enough to earn his United Weight Puller Championship. Then we ran another lure, and earned the 3rd Q for his CA, coursing aptitude.  The judges thought he was the first corgi to earn one. In Rally, Magic and I managed another 2 Q's in rally which gave us our URO3-both 3rd places I think.  Poor guy this was the last event of the day and during his last honor sit, he almost fell asleep. His eyes were slowly closing and he was drifting off, good thing I could talk to him and keep him awake!
   All in all a terrific time. I am planning on Premier in the summer, and hoping to have more dogs to go, so Magic doesn't have to do all the work! What a great boy he is.


penni said...

I read everything you did and now I need a nap -- no wonder you are exhausted! What a terrific showing though. Congratulations. And late happy barkday to Grace.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Have some video?

Jules said...

Wow!! Congratulations. :)