Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Magic is a great dog. I adore him. But the constant push to throw the ball will drive a body crazy. He will pester us for hours, going from one person to the next with his toy. First he shows it to you, then he gives it to you by dropping it in your lap. Followed by him pushing it into your hand, under your hand, then, if you let him, he will bring it right up into your face. 
He will play fetch for as long as we will, actually preferring much longer. Stick, ball, frisbee, toy, dumbell, snowball, doesnt really matter what it is. He is great at catching too, but I get really nervous about all the flying into the air and the sometimes hard returns to earth. He has no concern over his physical limitations when it comes to catching.  He would be a great frisbee dog if I werent so worried about his back, legs etc.
Peace is starting to become as maniacal as Magic, with one exception, I have not yet been able to teach her to give me back the toy. she usually drops it when she returns. Grace will go out and get the toy, but then runs off with it. Lately, we have to be a bit careful though with the game-if it gets to intense, Magic and Peace will start scrabbling with each other. then usually Grace steps in and stops all the fun taking the toy away from everyone.
Working with this intense drive to fetch is great, but does have some limitations in obedience. First he gets so excited when he sees the dumbell, his brain shuts off. Sitting patiently for the command to go get it is a killer. And the world practically stops if the throw goes awry and we have to re-throw. then the ability to wait or to see the jump simply disappears.  But thats OK too. Its nice to have something after the horrible heeling part that does excite him. Too bad its only 2 tosses before the mean steward or judge takes that dumbell away.

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Red Dog Mom said...

Sam has that "sacrifice your body for a good time" attitude as well.