Sunday, February 7, 2010

APDT today

Well today was a riot.  More fun that yesterday, even if the scores were not a good.  Remember when I said we had to be perfect(all Q's) in order to make our goal of an ARCH this year, well, I mucked that up.
We q'd in both level 1 classes, and the first level 2 whiched earned our level 2 title.  But, I messed up a lovely lovely run when I did a station wrong.  The judge was so nice, she called me over before we left the ring and told me that I had screwed it up.  And then she showed me the score sheet for that run. NO points off, Magic ricked it.  Bad Mom. Oh well, went on to level 3 anyways.  We managed to q both level 3 runs, with first places, but our lowest scores of the day, a 198 and a 200.  Really not bad scores, but both Magic and I were getting tired by then and we both messed up a little here and there. 

So the total for the weekend, 9 Q's, 1 NQ,  5 first places, 2 seconds, 1 fifth 

Overall it was a wonderful weekend, and I can't wait to do it again.  Both the club members and the competors were tremedous this weekend.  I had a great time with everyone.


penni said...

Great job! Congratulations.

Garrett808 said...

WOW Dawn! That is NOTHING to be bummed about! 9 out of 10 is amazing! I was secretly hoping you luck for 10/10 but nerves sometimes for me get the best of me. But again, 90% Q's is amazing! I could only hope to have half of those someday!


Crystal said...

Holy crap, woman. I knew you guys were having a good weekend, but I didn't do the math like that. Wow! That's so awesome!! I'm definitely stealing Magic.

Jules said...

Wow! that's awesome. Congratulations, Dawn and magic.

Sherilyn said...

Congratulations!! That is awesome!! :)

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Wow, congratulations! Sorry about that one run, it did look gorgeous and we all gasped. you two looked amazing out there all weekend!