Tuesday, December 9, 2008

6 Things we like

We were tagged by Garrett over at Ramsey Farms to say the 6 things we like. So here is our list:

1. Our friends and family.

2. Food- shoot-no brainer-look how chubby we all are! And holiday baking...liver brownies, garlic cheese biscuits. oh yeah people food too.

3. De-stuffing our toys- well everyone on this one except Grace and Mom who has to clean up the mess.

4. Dog events-whether conformation, agility, obedience, rally, herding, tracking, we like playing at all of them. We like winning or qualifying, but we have fun even if not.

5. A snuggle on the couch with Mom, all 4 corgis and Kazin, well at least the attempts for all of us to fit.

6. The birds. Well some of the corgis like them, the others want to eat them-I guess that puts them in the food category....

I will tag these folks to participate: Rugby, Riley and Zoey at House of Cardis,
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Vito, Pixel, Boone and Wicca at Many Muddy Paws,
Monty at Monty's Training Diary,
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Have fun!

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