Sunday, October 30, 2011

2 Q's toward Magics AKC coursing title - UPDATED

Magic loves lure coursing. SO much he practically wears himself out while waiting his turn. Lunging whining pulling such a naughty dog.But I can't fault him during his runs. He runs lovely. Now we just have to wait for spring for another trial.

Edit!  Some additional information since I just got the report of his times for the runs this weekend.  Magic is just a bit over 12 inches per his AKC agility measurements. Dogs over 12 inches run the full 600 yard course, and they have 2 minutes to do it in. Dogs under 12 run a 300 yard course and have 1.30 minutes if I remember right..  Magic ran the first run on 1.0032 and the second one a little bit slower at  1.0375

Quicker than I thought!


Robin Sallie said...

Good job, Magic Man!

K-Koira said...

Awesome. Both my dogs each have 2 Q's, so we are in the waiting for spring boat as well. Does Magic get to run the 300 yard course? Both my dogs have to run 600, and Pallo looks sooo tired at the end of it.

Taryn said...

Good Job, Magic! Cardis definitely seem to love lure coursing!