Monday, July 18, 2011

UROC Magic

Horrible heat and humidity here in Minnesota.  Last night on the news they were saying its more humid here than at the amazon. YUCK.

In spite of it all Magic and I had a very good run in rally at the show this weekend-outdoors in the horrible heat even.  We did NQ twice. I blame both of those on the heat and my lack of ability to think.  We were entered in 8 classes, earned 3 perfect scores, 2 99s and a 98 which gave us 4 firsts and 2 second places and Magic earned his UROC which is the UKC Rally Champion title. We also earned a high in trial too.

Christy was kind enough to take a picture but blogspot wont let me post it. Let me just say though, that it was the end of the day we all were covered in sweat and Magic was done, so maybe thats for the best really!


Taryn said...

Congrats on the High in Trial! That's great!

Jules said...

Congratulations on an awesome weekend!