Monday, July 4, 2011

I am beat!

Today was day 3 of the NSHGC summer agility trial.  Again this year I was the worker coordinator.  I don't know that I did a great job, but all 3 days went pretty well so I am hoping everyone was happy.  I do know I worked myself exhausted!

I ran Magic for the first time in Open JWW.  We were not successful as far as Q's go, but we ran pretty well.  In Novice Standard, Magic did qualify yesterday.  He was so happy and excited to be out running. Makes me realize that I should just get him out and do more trials.  I would like to take him back to some classes, but I dont know if I can.  He runs so differently than Grace, I have to learn to be a better partner for both. But the boy was a happy guy, so it was all fun.

Now next weekend is the Denise Fenzi seminar.  I am hoping I can learn to be as muc fun doing obedience. I still haven't decided which dog to take....


Taryn said...

Cute picture with the ribbons! Congrats!

Lani said...

Congrats on a nice weekend! Have fun at the seminar. I'm a seminar junkee, so please share what you think of it!!