Monday, October 4, 2010

Around the house

Rinnie really dug herself under everything-not sure how she managed this.

Magics nose-back to normal.  Now, we know they can come back at any time, but he looks so much better!  Love having my boy's beautiful face back. Now we just need to get the drool stains off his white chest.


Taryn said...

Wow! Magic looks great! So glad he's better, at least for now!

Sorry about your bad back. I know the feeling all too well!

penni said...

You sure can fit a lot of Cardis in a small space:) I hope your back feels better soon.

Jamie said...

Magic looks great! so funny about Rinnie burrowing under the blankets - Griffin does the exact same thing whenever there are blankets around. :)

Sherilyn said...

Magic looks wonderful! Cute pictures...looks kind of like our house. If anyone tries to lie on the couch, they have the share it with the dogs. :) Hope your back feels better soon! I can definitely empathize with you. Hugs! Hope to see you sometime in the near future...been way too long!