Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Goal Status

Here is  what I had in mind for the years goals as of last December.

Magic-Magic will hopefully do some more weight pulling. Met I would like to have him work toward his ARCH  MET and see if maybe we can earn his CDX.  We have done some work, but not nearly enough.

Grace-. I would like to get her back to agility classes, Met and actively working  Grace also earned her UWP

Peace-gets to take the year off.  Peace earned her UWP and has played a little in the breed ring, but primarily has had the year off. 

Siren-Siren will begin formal training. As in a training class. I am not disciplined enough to work my dogs as they should be, on my own, so I am going to commit to getting at least one title on Siren this year.
Well, she earned a couple of legs toward a weight pull title, but the actual training class she is in is Nosework. I am happy with this, but would also like to see us at least try to work toward some obedience work.
Overall so far I am relatively pleased, but I do need to get in gear with obedience. I feel all my dogs need to have obedeince titles of some sort, so this will need to be my focus the rest of the year.  Which will fall into place nicely with the end of year budget being primarily gone, we can do much of this work on our own, if I just commit to it. So blogger friends, if you dont hear of me working on this, kick me in the patootie, OK?

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