Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tracking again

Since the weather was so nice again today and is going below zero again tonight, or tomorrow, I decided to try to squeeze in another tracking opportunity. I dont have much time between work and sundown, but I grabbed Magic and we went to Lake Nokomis. I laid a 150-175 yard track, with 2 turns and several serpentine type arcs with 2 objects. Our tracks crossed a very heavily traveled animal path, ski tracks and a couple of older people cross paths. Remember, this is a park in the city, so there is very little pristine area. The animal track did take his mind off his track, but I just asked him to go find it and he continued to motor along. We ran the track in just under 4 minutes, and Magic was way more focused, and pulling harder than he had been when we were actively training a year and a half ago. When we were training before, he would hesitate and come back to me for verification frequently, rarely ever going out to the end of the lead, much less pulling with me 20 feet behind him. Now, I just need to keep at it. And set up a test to see if he was actually tracking, or just running in the snow prints cuz it was easier!! what a good boy.


penni said...

Will you track with him at Nationals? That would be way cool!

Jules said...

Very cool! I seems cardis are born to track. Bug finds bunny tracks everywhere. I would love to find some local instruction and try it.