Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cold, Lazy Minnesota weather

Well it finally warmed up enough for the stir crazy dogs to spend some outside time. Thank goodness. During the cold snap, out of boredom I think , Grace developed a new game- she was chasing her tail. Not just spinning in circles, her version involves leaping in the air while spinning wildy. Actually quite funny to watch, the other dogs even would stop and watch this one.Or maybe it was a safety issue, While spinning she randommly crashed into anything.

The nice part about the cold snap was I really didn't feel too guilty about spending time inside, lazily reading or knitting or even napping. Now though, no more excuses I hhave to get back to some training these child children. Last night I worked with Peace and Siren on touching the dumbell. I have a nice pick up and drop on Siren, so now we will start working on holding it. She is such a smart girl, seems to understand what I want so much easier than her sister.

My plan for the week is to start training stays with both pups, more heeling with Rinnie and I want to work with Peace on slowing her gait. She tends to want to race.

Next weekend I am the co-chair and chief steward for the herding clubs obedience and rally trial. I am not showing at all, so I can focus on the days events. I am still short volunteers to work it though-and am getting nervous. It will all work out though.

Now, I just need to put down the knitting and get busy! (I finished another hat this week, and started a new neck warmer)

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