Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Grace the Guardian

Ever since Grace had the pups, she has become the family watchdog. Not one noise can occur anywhere without her checking it out. She has always been a talker-but now, she never stops. She barks and woofs and woos and grumbles constantly. I dont mind the quieter stuff, but the barking has got to stop. My house is 3 feet from my neighbors. She needs to not bark so much. Quiet used to work, but not anymore.
Along with this, she has become the fun police, well, maybe its more the tug police. Magic loves to tug and so do both puppies, so its not uncommon for a game of chase grab and pull to be happening. Grace stops it. It is not allowed. It is not allowed even if Mom is on one end of the toy. She just walks up, grabs the middle of the tug and whatever other dog(s) is involved drops the toy and walks away. Then Grace drops the toy and walks away. It's not that she wants to play-she just doesn't want any tugging! Is that strange or what?

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