Monday, April 15, 2013

WCRL (formerly APDT) Rally

Last weekend we attended a WCRL rally trial.  Last year APDT sold the rally program to USDAA where it became World Cynosport Rally. So far the rules have stayed the same, and all titles in progress are honored. Which is good because Magic and I were working on the 10 required QQ's for his ARCHEX.  This weekend Magic ran in 4 of the 5 trials and got the needed double q's in all 4, so he needs 2 more.  We will try for those in July at the next trial.

Bentley and I also competed. It was our first time together in a perfomrance event.  I knew that we were a long way from perfectly ready, but I wanted to get a feel for her behavior and confidence levels at a trial.  She actually did much better than I anticipated, qualifying 2 out of the 3 runs, and improving each time.  I knew we would have some issues with distractions, but overall I was very pleased with her.

Washburn also played in all 3 trials on Saturday, where he ran in the puppy class.  The puppy class is for dogs under a year, and its a shorter 10 station course.  Wash did very well and earned 3 qualifying scores, also with improvements each time.  I am thinking as he gets older and more mature I may have another very nice working boy. At least I hope we can keep that up!

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