Sunday, January 6, 2013

A good start to 2013

This weekend was our first dog event for 2013, On Friday the Northstar Herding Group show and then the weekend was the Land O Lakes show.  It was Wash's second show weekend, and he had a pretty good one.  On Friday first was puppy sweepstakes.  Wash took second to his brother Malcolm, but then in the show, Wash was Winners Dog and Best of winners for a 3 point major.  On Saturday he repeated WD and BOW for 4 points.  Today, he was reserve to Malcolm.  Not a bad weekend for the boys at all.

Later this afternoon, Wash was able to go in the ring with Meredith, his co-owner for juniors.  It was a large class of 22 kids, so Wash had to be a good boy for a really long time.  Although I thought Meredith handled him very well, they did not get a placement. However I think it was an invaluable experience for an 8 month old puppy.

Our one issue this weekend is that Wash was showing a few signs of stress. At least I think it was stress. On Friday we ran into a friend of mine who gave me a hug.  Wash immediately started barking and growling  Initially I thought maybe he was trying to protect me, but I am really not sure.  He showed signs of being concerned about new people several times over the weekend. I am hoping it is an age thing, or a hormone thing, or just something we can work through, but I will say its something that made me a bit concerned.  So I am pretty sure the little man will be taking a lot of excursions in the very near future-out and about to learn about life.

Overall though, a pretty fun weekend.


Dayna Dawn Small (aka Barter) said...

Congrats on your start to the new year! I think they do tend to go through fear periods. I wouldn't worry overmuch; just get him out around people and take lots of treats, make them positive experiences.

Jeri said...

8 months is a squirrelly age for a lot of Cardigans. Even my most bold cardi puppies have suddenly decided some things were "weird" between 8-15 months. Just keep him out as much as you can and work on positive rewards for brave behavior! Congrats on the wins...must have been a thrilling weekend!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Congratulations, that is a good start to the year all right!