Thursday, June 14, 2012

Premier Day 1

I am very happy with our first day of the UKC Premier. Peace won breed in the Top Ten competition, and was pulled in the cut in the semi finals.  We didn't advance, but that was OK, there were some really nice dogs in our group.  Unfortunately while we were in that ring, the Rally All Star ring was waiting for Magic, so as soon as we were done, I swapped dogs and ran in to run him in rally. He scored OK, but he was just kind of not with me, so we were not in the placings, but thats OK.  We had 3 very nice agility runs though, and one NQ where for some reason, Magic is getting spooked by the tire whenever we run outside late in the day.  It happened a couple of weeks ago and again today.  I think maybe its the shadow, but its something to work on. 

Tomorrow we have more agility rally and Peace has weight pull. While we are having a good time, I got the news that Gracie is back in the hospital with another bout of pneumonia, so I am feeling sad and a bit worried about her.  I know Darryl and David will take good care of her though so she will be OK. At least I pray she will be.

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Taryn said...

Sorry to hear Grace is ill again. Sending her lots of healing vibes.

Congrats on a fun and successful Premier weekend though.