Thursday, April 12, 2012

Peaceful Thinking

Peace and I are taking a tracking class.  She really seems to enjoy the practices we are doing.  I tease about Peace a lot, saying she is a noodle and a goober, which she is, but she is also a really good dog.  She is so excited by the tracking and so happy to be out doing stuff.  It kind of makes me feel bad for not working with her before, but with 4 dogs in the house, we do have to sort of alternate as the finances just arent there for everyone to pay all the time.

Peace is the most cuddly cardigan I have. She prefers to be on your lap or right next to you at all times.  Belly rubs are the best and she will not let you forget to give them. Sometimes I think I should place her with a family who would be able to devote their whole lives to her, but then I just can't let her go. Who would warm me up at night?  I do adore this dog!

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