Thursday, March 29, 2012

Native Performance Food Review 2

You may remember a post a few weeks back where I spoke about receiving a bag of Native Performance dog food in order for me to do a review.  The corgi crew just finished the last of the bag and I have to say my earlier review of the product still stands.  I am very happy with all aspects of how the 3 did on this food.  The first thing I noticed was what seemed to be an increase in the dogs energy.  I wasnt sure at the time that it was due to the coming of spring or the food.  Well I am still not sure about that but I am leaning toward the food, as the energy level has remained. I don't want anyone to ge tthe wrong idea, this is not the crazy energizer bunny type of energy, just a more up attitude and a bit more play requested.  I have to say, I like the way they rate the food levels, of course I was guessing as to the right level for us, but 2 was a good fit for the end of winter. Come summer where we are even more active, I may give 3 a try.

The other really big change I noticed was in Siren. Rin has been the gassiest dog I have ever had ever since she was a pup. Some foods were better, some not so much. In all honestly I dont think I have noticed a Rinnie fart in over 2 weeks.  And that may I say is always a relief! Weights have been excellent on this food, coats are lovely, thick rich and shiny. Peace has a show coat without any other supplemets of any kind. Poops are about average for a kibble fed dog. 

I had not tried this with Grace due to her megae, and the need to feed softened high calorie foods.  I am considering getting a bag of the higher calorie level and seeing how she handles it.  However she is doing pretty well on the stuff she has now, it soaks up nice and soft, so changing it is something I really have to think about.

All in all I definately will keep this in my dogs regimen.  Thanks Native Performance.

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