Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Magic & Grace, TBAD, TG1

Sunday up in Duluth Grace and Magic both earned their TBAD and TG1 titles running teacup agility.    The video is one of the games, Minuet, where the goal is to run the loop as many times as you can.  Magic managed the most of any dog there! And Grace was like 4th overall.  Grace also managed her first intermidiate level Q and she weaved nicely in 2 runs. Small accomplishments to some, but huge for us.  Grace also managed to run 8 times with no health complications.  If you watch the video of Grace she will loudly tell you how much fun she had, she has never barked quite so much as she did up there! Go Gracie!

Magic running Minuet

Grace runs Minuet,too.

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Taryn said...

They don't sound like small accomplishments to me! Congrats!