Monday, August 15, 2011

Ah much better

Sometimes in life you just need a little break.  I spent the last couple of weeks pretty much as normal, although a little laid back. Did a little less dog stuff, only ran 6 times at the APDT trial, instead of the normal 10 or more weekend. Spent some time playing with the birds,(Dilly is sitting on my shoulder now kissing my cheek and saying kissy kissy) and did a little training with the dogs.  I did spend a lot of time canning and preserving, which I really do enjoy.

Stayed home this weekend and really was a homebody.  Had a doggy visitor which is always fun.  Listened to the rest of the audiobook A Discovery of Witches and loved it. Normally I only listen to them at work, but I was so into this one I had to bring it home on Friday to finish it.  Now I want to get a copy to read, since when I listen at work or when I am working around the house I think I miss stuff.

We have been training a dumbell retrieve, with all 3 girls, but I am not good with a clicker, not coordinated enough or something and I am not making progress. Also trying to teach Magic scent discrimination but not sureif we are progressing or not.  Sometimes I think I expect too much too soon.  But thats OK no real hurry!  He needs to get his CDX first. Oh wait he has his UCDX so maybe there is some pressure there. Grace and I are practicing weaves every day, and with gates, she has it, but with them even slightly pulled away from the poles, she skips. On the plus side, at least she is working with me at home, that took some time. In the past she was just too focused on keeping birds out of the yard, or scanning for cats or anything other than working. So I guess its progress.

Yesterday I did play around a bit with some yarn doing a kool aid dye on it.  I think this skein will eventually be agility socks.

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