Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A look toward 2011

2010 hasn’t been a bad year, but it’s had  moments. We lost Jade (parrotlet), Sam (cat) and Kazin (huskyX). We had the scare with Magic and the tumors, which although it could return, at least now we are prepared.  David and Darryl are both working, although only part time, it is definitely better than not at all. Due to this  we haven’t been able to afford upgrading anything, but we are able to maintain and I am greatful.

The dogs and the family all played together this year, and overall we were successful and had a very good time. We spent time together, doing things we love, with the people we love and enjoy which is never a bad thing. We spent time with new and old friends, sharing lots of laughter and a few tears too.  Goals were met, revised or let go as seemed appropriate at the time.

Looking ahead to 2011, I am not going to set any hard and specific title goals. All of my goals are going to be less tangible, more subjective, such as relationships, focus, foundations.  I am going to let this year flow and follow along and see where we wind up.  We will continue our training and try some new things in our current classes, nosework, agility and  obedience. There a a few new things I possibly see on the horizon, herding and maybe even flyball if we can get into the class. (Its limited to 12, so I dont know yet.)  I am hoping to attend Premier this year, and would love to attend the Cardigan National, but finances will dictate.

To end the ramble, let me just say THANK YOU to those who have touched our lives. You have enriched us in so many ways, some large some small, but all appreciated. I wish you the goodness life can bring and a healthy, happy, safe New Year.


Sherilyn said...

Hope you have a very Happy and Safe New Year! Hope we get to see you sometime in the near future! Hugs!

Cheers! :)

Taryn said...

Happy New Year!